Huckle is a natural child of the world. This Northern California-based singer-songwriter-guitarist is always ready to dig his itchy toes into fresh soil, hips swinging as he projects outwards into the world while simultaneously delving deep inside himself to trace the scars of an engaged life.  One picks up on some of the blessed West Coast vibe of Jack Johnson and the oceanic oomph of John Butler in his readily appealing music, but there’s also a winning attack to his sound, a hunger felt in the gut of the listener.  Huckle rocks in that beautiful wide-armed way the genre once did back in the day, embracing country, blues, folk and anything else he fancies, something evident throughout his organically flowing, lovingly charged debut album ‘Wooden Melodies’.  Read More »


Seated alone with a lap steel guitar across his thighs, Huckle let out a howl and then commenced to slappin’ bare feet against hard wood, stirring up crossroad ghosts, modern scramblers like Jon Spencer & Dan Auerbach, and folk-stretcher extraordinaire John Hartford.” Read More »

Huckle & the weissenborn